Eindhoven is  refered as the technological centre of The Netherlands. It is the place where Mr Anton Philips, founder of the company with the same name, started his empire and the influence can still be seen today. The Eindhoven University of Technology is also of importance with a great many people studying there. The region of Eindhoven is now named “Brainport”, one of the most succesfull technological regions in Europe, attracting many professionals from all over the world.

Central location

Eindhoven is about one hour +/- from places Dutch cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, or Maastricht, but also only one hour away from Köln (Cologne) in Germany. Antwerp or Brussels in Begium are also at one hour distance. This central location makes it very interesting for those , individuals of families who want to combine a trip  to Holland, Germany or Belgium. Paris is only 4 hours away.

The city of  Eindhoven is very central and extremely easy to travel around, with buses that will take you virtually anywhere within the city and trains that do the same nationally. Internationally Eindhoven has its own international airport with connections all over Europe. Information about public transport can be found on our other page.

The major shopping area is called Heuvel Galerie and contains a number of retail shops from clothing to housewares and bicycle shops. The main supermarkets around the corner stock most of the necessities and doubles as a butcher/fruit store. The Heuvel Galerie comprises only a small amount of the shopping here though, as there are many other outlets in the areas surrounding it. Wandering around the paved sidewalks you can find bookstores, electrical goods, clothing stores, popular department stores, patisseries, chocolatiers and much more. Plus on Tuesdays around The Heuvel Galerie is a market where an enormous range of items like fabric, clothes, cheese, chocolates etcetera are sold. A hint for those who don’t like to push their way through the crowds – avoid going shopping on Saturday, it’s the day when everyone seems to be out and about. Weekdays and their afternoons seem to be the best times to venture out and beat the masses.

Some areas that might interest children include a visit to the Tongelreep Recreation Centre where there are two indoor swimming pools, an open air pool, a paddling and tanning area, jacuzzi, a subtropical wave pool with hydro slides and numerous other activities to keep you busy.
You can also check with the VVV (Tourist Information) located outside the train station, to see what else is happening around town while you are here.