You can take an enjoyable walk, visit a farm where they make cheese, and buy meat, cheese and eggs – all in the Genneper Parks. While in the Stadswandelpark you won’t know which of the many sculptures to look at first. In the Heempark Frater Simon Deltour you can walk through twenty typical Brabant landscape types. Comparing apples with pears? You can do that in the Philips Fruittuin Wielewaal, where you can buy organically grown fruit all year round.

For a full list, take a look at: You can also visit the individual websites:

Cycle, walking and in-line skating routes

There are some great places for cycling, walking and in-line skating in the Eindhoven area. You can buy a wide choice of route maps at the tourist bureau (VVV) on the Stationsplein. For more information, visit You’ll find a list of the available routes in the on-line tourist shop.


Would you like to swim a few invigorating lengths in the morning? Or enjoy a day’s paddling with the children in the summer? That’s no problem in Eindhoven.

Ice skating

The IJssportcentrum (ice sports center) has an indoor track for ice hockey and other sports, as well as a semi-covered outdoor track. These don’t just host competitions, you can also skate there yourself – or learn how to skate. And skates are also available for hire. Just skate to (dutch only)… and have an ice day!

In-line skating and skateboarding

You’ll find some excellent in?line skating routes in the Eindhoven area (see Cycle, walking and in?line skating routes). Next to that, Eindhoven has some great places for skateboarding. Lots of skaters get together on the Stadhuisplein to show what they can do. And on top of that, Eindhoven has what may well be Europe’s best indoor skating hall: Area 51. See (dutch only).


Getting in some hard shots on the driving range? Or would you rather practice the subtle art of putting? There are some great golf courses in Eindhoven and the surrounding area. To find the available facilities, go to  and then choose ‘golf’ in the ‘sport’ section.

Local shopping centers

While most shops in the center of Eindhoven are non-food, you’ll find supermarkets, butchers and bakers in the local shopping centers.

Weekly markets

Before the introduction of the euro, your guilder (the former Dutch currency) was said to be worth one and a half guilders on the market. And today it still offers excellent value for money. Eindhoven has ten weekly markets at various locations around the city. To find out where, and on which days, visit (dutch only).