Public transport planner

If I want to travel to Maastricht by public transport, and I want to get there at midday, what time do I have to leave? And if I want to travel by bus in Eindhoven, which bus do I need to get to the Philips Stadium? There’s a simple answer to these and many more similar questions: go to (English site). This travel planner site will work out the best public transport route, based on your start and destination points, together with all the other information you need.

Railway stations

Eindhoven has two railway stations. Eindhoven Central links the city with the west of the Netherlands, but you can also catch a train to destinations further to the east or south. Intercity trains to destinations including Utrecht, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and The Hague leave an average of two times an hour. At Eindhoven Beukenlaan you can catch stopping trains to Tilburg, ‘s-Hertogenbosch (‘Den Bosch’) and other destinations. For travel information and ticket prices, go to and click on ‘English’.

Public transport

Public transport in Eindhoven is well organized. From Eindhoven Central station you can reach Amsterdam or The Hague (‘Den Haag’) in no more than two hours. You can also catch city and regional buses from the same central station from early in the morning to late at night. Most bus stops have a display that shows how long it will be before the next bus arrives. Eindhoven also has another, revolutionary transport concept: the ‘Phileas’. This advanced bus with its own bus lane connects Eindhoven Airport with the Central Station.

Neckerspoel bus station

You  can catch both city and regional buses at the Neckerspoel bus station. The latter link Eindhoven with numerous villages and towns in the area. The Phileas also leaves from here. You’ll see information signs above the platforms, showing which services stop at which platform. There’s a large covered area to keep you dry while you’re waiting.